HILOTHERAPY® Chemo Care Device

A new approach in oncology, HILOTHERAPY® is a targeted form of physical thermal therapy using a constant temperature.

The HILOTHERAPY® Chemo Care device significantly reduces and prevents the long-term complications and side effects of chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy (CIPN) and hand-foot-syndrome (HFS), as well as chemotherapy-induced hair loss (alopecia).


Polyneuropathy (CIPN) and hand-foot syndrome (HFS)

Chemotherapy is often associated with complications that are known as polyneuropathy (CIPN) or hand-foot syndrome (HFS). These complications occur due to the chemotherapy drug working its way into the blood capillaries (the very smallest vessels) of the hand and feet, and causing damage to these areas.

Polyneuropathy (CIPN) develops in 67-80% of patients after chemotherapy treatment, and it can become permanent in approximately 34% of these patients, negatively affecting their quality of life.



How does HILOTHERAPY® help to prevent CIPN and HFS?

In order to prevent the chemotherapy drug from entering the capillaries of the extremities, both blood circulation and metabolism of these areas must be slowed. This can be achieved by reducing the temperature of the tissues. A temperature reduction of 10°C brings about a reduction in metabolic rate of 50%.

Using HILOTHERAPY®, the local tissue temperature in the region of the hands and feet can be kept at a cool and constant level, set to a specific value. Reducing metabolism and blood circulation to a constant level limits how much of the chemotherapy drug enters into the extremities.



  • Treatment is used for certain periods before, during and after chemotherapy.
  • Reduction of circulation in the hands and feet for the entire duration of chemotherapy
  • Prevents side effects on the hands and feet
  • Improved quality of life
  • A significant reduction in the amount of chemotherapy drugs reaching the extremities
  • Avoid drawn-out after-care treatments associated with side effects
  • Not being exposed to the side effects of traditional cooling methods


The HILOTHERM ChemoCare device works using a combination of cuffs specially designed for each application to the body and a closed-loop circulation system through which a cooling medium flows.


High-sensitivity sensors monitor to ensure a stable temperature for the duration of the treatment, even over a period of many hours.


Using HILOTHERAPY®, a specific value can be set and carefully maintained for the local temperature applied to cool tissues in the region of the hands and feet.