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The goal of MammaPrint test is determine which breast cancer patients confirmed with chemotherapy and which patients do not need a chemotherapy treatment by examining closer genetic of tumor on.


BluePrint functional molecular subtyping classifies breast cancer into three different subtypes which long-term result in each and with significans differences to answer neoadjuan chemotherapy Luminal-type (A or B), Basal-type, or HER2-type.


While talking about cancer, interpreting without “genetic” is impossible because of mutation is the reason of cancer. Determining cancers that having genetic risk on early stage is possible through new genetic tests.

BRCA 1/2

If a woman carries a dangerous mutation in genes of BRCA1 and BRCA2, risk of breast and / or ovarian cancer development is increase on a large scale entire whole life.

Your tumor is UNIQUE, your TREATMENT should be too.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the genetic test?



Did you know that every early grade breast cancer patient does not need a chemotherapy treatment?

The Genetics of Cancer

What is the genomic test?

About Genomic Tests

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